Hey Administrators, It's time to upgrade picture day.

Not sure switching photographers is worth the hassle? Consider this:

  • Does your photographer call your students by name and make them feel uniquely celebrated?
  • Does the photography crew create ease for your staff & do most-to-all of the leg work of planning and executing a seamless picture day experience?
  • Do your students' parents stop by the office to tell you how incredible their child's portraits are?
  • Do your teachers send you emails telling you how much fun picture day was?

No? ... We can fix that.

Let’s start with a casual conversation. Zero pressure. If you’re excited to upgrade picture day after our conversation, my team will get to work right away to make the transition as simple as possible. If you decide you’re happy with your current photographer, that’s a zillion percent okay too! We’ll be here for you if that ever changes in the future.

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Picture day is our job, not yours.

Simple planning Process

You've got enough on your plate. We'll take care of all the logistics so you can focus on teaching. Choose your date and your background color, send us your student roster and we'll take care of the rest!

Fun + Efficient picture day

We have fun with kids, bringing out the best smiles. We also keep things moving so everyone can eat lunch on time! (Hungry kids are cranky kids, am I right?)

Multi-pose galleries

Families get to select multiple poses and expressions in their print packages. We don't believe in the "you get what you get" model of yesterday's picture days. Choices are where it's at!

Unparalleled Service

We're a local biz. ("We" is me, Aimee Juarez, and my bestie, Jess, the most organized and delightful human you'll ever meet.) Together, we manage the entire picture day process and answer all staff & parent questions quickly and graciously. Learn more about us here.


Director, Elizabeth Lombardo

“ColorPop Portraits provides the greatest picture day experience. We love the way our pictures turn out and how they are individualized to every child.

The Goddard School used a well-known company for years and we are so happy with the change.”

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Let's begin a conversation