We've redesigned picture day from the ground up. No more uninterested photographers treating your kids like a production line. No more teachers and staff "just getting through the day." No more parents blindly ordering prints of boring images they've never seen.

Picture day can and should be a celebration of every individual child that's enjoyable and rewarding for teachers, and results in portraits parents are excited about.

Multi-pose galleries

Remember how, back in dinosaur times, photographers only snapped one image of each student before moving on? #nothanks

Parents want variety! They want portraits that capture the passion and enthusiasm their kids bring to their sport. That's why we offer galleries of 6-9 images in both color and black and white so they can be choosy!

Paperless Ordering

View before you buy

Why purchase portraits you don't love? We use state-of-the-art software called PhotoDay® which allows parents to view private galleries and select the images that capture their child's spirit most authentically.

Families can include as many poses as they'd like in their packages or build their own bundle using the a la carte menu, so they spend as little or as much as they'd like.

Community-minded service

We're your neighbors

I'm Aimee: a local photographer who cares about our community. My team is a small group that cares just as much as I do about creating a meaningful picture day experience.

No robots. No outsourced customer service. We're real people, building a business we're passionate about, serving your staff, students, and families to the very best of our abilities!