assisting with colorpop Portraits

I’m so happy you’re interested in gaining hands-on experience with ColorPop Portraits!

Who you'll work with:

👋🏼 Aimee here! I graduated from GlenOak Commercial Photography in 2007. If we haven't met in person, we will when I come in and chat with your class! When you assist at picture day events, you'll work with me and one of my awesome assistants.

How you'll help:

As a student assistant, you'll help in a variety of ways like:

  • carrying equipment
  • setting up and tearing down the portrait area
  • helping kids feel welcome, celebrated and comfortable

What to bring:

No need to bring a camera. All you need is:

  • Comfy shoes, a black shirt, and hole-free jeans or black pants.
  • Water (it's a lot of talking, and it can get toasty with all the activity.)
  • A helpful, willing-to-learn attitude
  • Please note: your phone needs to be put away while we're on site.

Why participate:

Being on-location with a professional photography crew is the #1 best way to prepare yourself for a career in commercial photography. You'll have an opportunity to apply the studio lighting skills you learn in the classroom and gain the "soft skills" required for working with your own clients one day.

I'm also happy to make myself available to ColorPop Student Assistants for private critiques of your work, mentorship, and general conversation about the lived experience of being a working photographer.

Code of Conduct + Expectations

Professional Conduct

  • We conduct ourselves in a professional, joyful, and enthusiastic manner, which includes using PG language with our phones put away. We do not engage in conversations regarding anything inappropriate, violent, hateful, threatening, vulgar, or political while on location.
  • We show up on time and get right to work. Account for unforeseen traffic while making your morning plans. Being on time is essential.
  • We communicate timely and clearly via Slack. Slack is a free app for team collaboration. Once you're approved to assist with ColorPop Portraits, you'll be invited to our #student-assistants Slack channel where we share upcoming assisting opportunities. Your parents and teacher will also have access to this channel and all communication that happens within it.
  • We wear black shirts & jeans or black pants (without holes), and ColorPop ID badges. No shorts or short skirts. Shirts should not display text or graphic elements that could be understood as inappropriate, violent, hateful, threatening, vulgar, or political.

ColorPop Safety Guidelines

  • We meet in the parking lot at our scheduled arrival time and walk in together & leave together when we’re done.
  • We don’t do anything that makes us feel uncomfortable including carrying equipment that’s too heavy or anything else that might put ourselves or anyone else in danger.
  • Student Assistants do not hold or carry children beyond repositioning them to be photographed.
  • We are never alone with students from the client school. Client school staff will always be present when their students are in the photo area.
  • If there is ever a time you feel unsafe, threatened or uncomfortable for any reason while we are on location, please let me know so I can address the situation immediately.